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Inner Healing

Freedom in Christ

We all carry baggage from our past, that prevent us from living freely in our present and future. Inner Healing is a program based on the ministry of Jesus. He meant for us to live free lives, not bound by the pains of our past.

We cover topics like Blessings and Curses, Acceptance and Rejection, Honouring Father and Mother, Sex and Sexuality, Handling Anger, Principles of Forgiveness and others.

Duration: Saturday and Sunday
Overseen by: David and Lynn Fernandes, Sydney and Cheryl Nevis.

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Marriage Masala

Complete Each Other


A fun workshop for couples who are engaged, just married or married for years!

You don’t have to be going through troubles in your marriage to want to add some spice to it! Come and enjoy a fun workshop to better your communicating skills, understand each others love language and just have a whole lot of fun together.

God intended marriages to last and to be fruitful. Let us help you find the spice!

Duration: One DayContact us to know when the next workshop is!

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Alpha is a series of sessions designed to encourage conversation about different issues. Alpha is run all around the globe, and everyone’s welcome.

The three things you find at any Alpha is food, a talk and good conversation.

We conduct three types of Alpha:

  1. Alpha: The regular Alpha series is for those trying to understand and explore the Christian faith. Each talk looks at a different question around the faith and is designed to create conversation.
  2. Marriage Alpha: The Marriage Course is a series of seven sessions, designed to help couples invest in their relationship and build a strong marriage. It helps couples build strong foundations, learn to communicate more effectively and resolve differences well.
  3. Parenting Alpha: is designed for parents and care-givers looking for practical support to strengthen their family relationships.

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